We look forward to meeting you!

Most Saturdays, Jackson Doggette Jr. preaches at the Serenity Seventh-day Adventist Church in Martinsburg, WV. Sometimes, he is invited to speak at other churches on the weekends. The sermons are now being posted on this website and will be available by podcast for those who cannot attend a live event. Feel free to spread the word through your social media platforms if his ministry is a blessing to you so others can benefit from his ministry, too.

If you can come to Serenity, here is some information you may want to have:

How long is service?

  • Sabbath school begins at 9:15AM for children and adults and ends at 10:45AM
  • Worship service begins at 11:00AM and usually ends at 12:30PM

Is everyone expected to give an offering?

The members of Serenity Seventh-day Adventist Church have committed to support the church ministry through tithes and offerings. Guests are not obligated to give at all but are welcome to do so. Do not feel any pressure to give money to the ministry.

Life SOULutions is the vehicle through which Jackson Doggette Jr. advances his ministry calling. There is a "Giving" button on this website and on the Life SOULutions Group page (www.faithlife.com/lifesoulutions) for those who want to help Jackson Doggette Jr. cover the expenses of providing the Life-SOULutions.org website, Life SOULutions group, podcasts, and other expenses associated with taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. But again, no one is obligated to partner with his ministry (Philippians 4:10-13, 17) or feel any pressure to give. "God loves a cheerful giver" (2 Corinthians 9:7).

What about kids?

There are Sabbath school classes for children. You may take your child directly to the class. The greeter can direct you. All of the teachers must pass a criminal background check before they are allowed to work with children. So, you can be comfortable your children will be well cared for.

We have limited facilities at this time. But we anticipate building facilities specifically for our children and youth in the near future.

What is the worship service like?

The worship service is more relaxed than formal. Prayer, a children's story (when there is no children's church during the worship service), music, and the sermon lesson dominate the service.

The music style is mostly contemporary and usually presented by special music with the accompaniment of a track or with the pianist and organist. The church does not have a full band at this time. Hymns are often sung by the congregation between Sabbath school and the worship service. And Jackson Doggette Jr., a professional musician, often plays the tenor or soprano saxophone before he speaks.

What is the dress code?

There is no formal dress code. Everyone is welcome to come as they are. However, most men choose to wear suits and ties. Most women wear dresses or skirts. But you will feel comfortable wearing business casual. Jackson Doggette Jr. usually wears a suit and bowtie when he speaks unless the occasion is intentionally casual.

Is there fellowship dinner after service?

There is usually a fellowship dinner about once per month. A vegetarian diet is encouraged. But there are options for non vegetarians at fellowship dinners.

How do I know if Jackson Doggette Jr. will be speaking?

Jackson Doggette Jr. posts his speaking calendar on the "Events" page of this website.

Can I follow the service on my phone during service?

YES! 1) Download the Faithlife Study Bible App (in your phone app store or click "Mobile Bible Apps" at the bottom of this page), 2) Sign in, 3) Go to "Tools," 4) Click "Presentations," 5) Click Life SOULutions. You will receive the slides on your phone and the bible texts from the sermon will pop up, too!

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