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Why would anyone join the Life SOULutions Community? For one reason, we can help you live your best life!

We believe LOVE is the key to maximum self-fulfillment and personal impact in the world (1 John 4:8). To live at the level of LOVE, we believe one must:

  1. Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  2. Love yourself.
  3. Love others the way you love yourself.

There are some specific subjects one must master to effectively love God, love self, and love others.

Love God

Loving God is about spiritual growth in an intimate relationship with God, our Creator. We believe everyone must learn to develop their own growing relationship with God.

Love Self

Loving self requires some focus on the following subjects:

  1. Self Worth. One must see themselves as God, our Creator sees us as having inestimable value.
  2. Health. One must live in line with Biblical health laws for maximum health.
  3. Purpose. One must discover their God-given life purpose.
  4. Financial Freedom. One must become financially independent as early in life as possible so they can pursue their God-given life purpose without being under the control of other people.
  5. Death with Dignity. Everyone will die in this life unless God comes first. To die with dignity one must complete their God-given life purpose and order their earthly affairs (estate planning) in a manner that honors God and provides for the family we leave behind.

Love Others

Loving others the way we love ourselves requires attention to the following subjects:

  1. Work. We love others by doing satisfying (appreciated) and rewarding (adequately covers all of our material needs) work that flows from our God-given life purpose.
  2. Relationships. We love others through mutually supportive relationships with family and friends.

When we achieve maximum effectiveness in these subjects we can live our best life!


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